Weight Wise

NEW: Weight Wise

Do you wish you could take your horse to slimming world?
Are you worried about the laminitis risk?
Is your horse looking poor?

Why not join our Weight Wise Scheme?!!

Included with Weight Wise Scheme is a Free Starter Pack, including:

  • Weight tape
  • Weight chart
  • Guide to body condition scoring
  • Discount voucher

Book two Weight Wise appointments and get the third visit fee free! **
Weight Wise appointments are available on our Zone Visit scheme.

A Weight Wise appointment involves a veterinary examination and evaluation of your nutritional management.

A nutrition plan will be tailored to your individual horse and we will set targets to work towards.

We will follow your progress every 6-8 weeks and at each visit you will be provided with a weight graph electronically to map your achievements.

Blood testing can highlight laminitis risk and track metabolic improvement achieved through Weight Wise.

The seasonal Free ACTH lab fee can be incorporated into your visit, as can dynamic insulin resistance testing.*

Together we can stamp out laminitis.

*Cushing’s Disease and Equine Metabolic Syndrome account for 90% of laminitis cases.
Dynamic testing with an in-feed oral glucose challenge will involve prior planning with your vet, so please let us know if you would like to do this at Weight Wise Visit 1 when you book.

**Your third Weight Wise visit fee will be free of charge if booked on your zone visit day or a £15 visit discount can be applied to a standard visit fee at your convenience.

Of course you can incorporate your other veterinary needs into your Weight Wise appointments.

For information on Obesity, Laminitis and Dieting you might find our helpful handouts useful, which can be found here for Laminitis and Obesity and Obesity and Dieting