NEW: Weigh Bridge


Due to the resounding success of Weigh-In week and the great benefits of regular weight measurements for our patients, the practice is now providing a weigh bridge on a permanent basis.

All horses attending veterinary appointments at the practice are welcome to use the weigh bridge free of charge.

Separate weigh-in appointments are available at your convenience, as frequently as you may require, for £5 and can be booked by calling the practice.

The weigh bridge will also be with us at local shows and is available to visit local riding clubs and livery yards, as part of our targeted worming strategy and preventative health days.

Why is body weight important?

*Accuracy of dosing medications such as wormers. Under dosing can lead to resistant parasites and ongoing worm burdens, despite treatment.
*Accurate monitoring of weight loss or weight gain as part of a weight management plan.
*Close monitoring of hospitalised patients, particularly those rehabilitating from illness or surgery.
*Monitoring growth rates of foals.
*Monitoring birth weight and placenta weight at foaling.