Medical Investigations

At the Barn Equine Surgery, we have state-of-the-art equipment and a dedicated examination area to allow us to work up medical cases.

Medical conditions encompass all nonsurgical diseases that affect the internal organs, which we can diagnose, treat and sometimes prevent. Medical conditions include:

Gastric ulceration
Weight loss
Respiratory infections
Heart murmurs and arrhythmias
Poor performance
Eye conditions
Liver disease
Muscle weakness/loss
Tying up
Hormonal problems
Endocrine disease (Cushings disease/EMS)
Skin disease
Kidney/urinary problems
Neurological disease
Neonatal foals

Our vets and nurses work as a team to offer 24 hour veterinary care and monitoring of ill and post-operative patients.

We have access to excellent diagnostic equipment- videoendoscopy, gastroscopy, ultrasound, ECG, radiography, nuclear scintigraphy and an in house laboratory to allow us to obtain fast results when investigating your horse’s illness.

Our vets have a variety of specialist interests, which allows them to formulate the best therapeutic plans for the care of our patients. We also have specialist equipment and expertise to allow us to care for critically ill neonatal foals.

Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your horse’s complaint, our vets are very happy to offer telephone advice and arrange for an examination if necessary.