Equine Fertility

Artificial Insemination (AI) can be carried out using fresh, chilled or frozen semen. (Fresh semen AI is usually carried out on the stallion stud and is not discussed further) AI using chilled semen can be carried out at home or at the surgery.

For mares with foals at foot this avoids the stress of going away to stud and enables them to be at home at a time when their owners probably derive most pleasure from them.  AI at home also avoids the risks associated with mares coming home in poor condition or with infectious diseases such as ringworm, strangles or viruses, which can be problems on even the smartest studs.

Chilled AI should give as good or better chance of conceiving as natural covering in most mares and a better chance of conception in mares, typically older ones or ones that have had several foals, that suffer post covering uterine infections.

The British Equine Veterinary Association has inspected and approved the Barn Equine Surgery as a centre for chilled and frozen AI.