Diagnostic Imaging

Scintigraphy (Bone Scanning)

Brand new in 2018, our state of the art Scintigraphy machine is used for Bone Scans, which allows diagnosis of difficult to isolate causes of lameness and poor performance often related to back or hind limb problems which cannot be diagnosed by other modalities. We also accept referrals from other practices for scintigraphy.

Nuclear Scintigraphy has provided us with a method to accurately quantify a number of conditions seen in horses. The ability to confirm a likely diagnosis reached by other means enables a more informed decision as to what treatment is indicated. Colleagues will appreciate that scintigraphy offers an excellent diagnostic tool in cases of suspected pelvis and back problems as well as in needle shy horses.

Indications for Scintigraphy;

  • Stress fractures
  • Back and pelvic problems
  • Multi limb lameness
  • Localised lameness of unknown origin
  • Horses with attitude!



Two portable DR x-ray machines capable of imaging thoracic spine, head, stifles. Also a clinic based Agfa CR x-ray machine and processing system with high definition large screen monitor. All of the equipment has been purchased/replaced in 2016.


Four diagnostic ultrasound machines – portable unit for mare reproductive and mobile tendon and lameness work, and a larger clinic based unit for high quality tendon/limb work and abdominal/chest/heart scanning. Two machines were purchased in 2016.


Diagnostic surgical arthroscope (‘keyhole’ surgery for diagnostics and treatment of joint and tendon diseases) with video monitor and recording,


Two flexible fibre optic endoscope for upper respiratory tract investigations.


We are able to perform oroscopy both in-house at the practice and out on the yard. Our oroscopes allow a very thorough and detailed visual examination of the oral cavity and occlusal surface of the teeth to be performed, allowing identification, investigation and treatment of pathology, such as diastema, periodontal disease, infundibular caries, dentinal defects, fractures and soft tissue masses.

Oroscopy enables owners to view any pathology present on a separate screen or tablet, allowing for increased understanding when it comes to decision making with treatment options and for being involved in monitoring progress.


3.5 meter digital gastroscope that enables us to examine the stomach and first part of small intestine in even the largest of our patients.