Equine Influenza Outbreak Advise

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Equine Influenza Outbreak Advise

We are keeping up to date with current recommendations from the Animal Health Trust and the British Equine Veterinary Association regarding the current influenza outbreak within the horse racing industry.

  • Clinical signs: Signs of flu may be mild and can include coughing, nasal discharge, a high temperature, swollen glands (under lower jaw), depression and loss of appetite. Affected horses don’t often show all of these signs and infection can easily be missed.
  • No vaccine of any brand provides 100% protection, however clinical signs will be far milder and of shorter duration in vaccinated horses.

  • The vaccinated horses in the U.K. involved in the most recent outbreak, had received both Proteq and Prequenza vaccinations. Equip was not challenged in this situation. In the recent outbreak in France, horses vaccinated with Equip and Proteq had comparable clinical signs.

  • We are recommending that horses who have not received a booster vaccination wtihin the last 6 months are boostered. It has been shown that this will help significantly through cross protection to decrease severity and duration of clinical signs.

  • It is not currently being recommended that other, non-racing equine events are cancelled, but this might change depending on how the disease develops
  • Please be aware that some professional affiliated competitions require a 7 day window between your most recent vaccination and competitions.

  • For more information, please visit our page on the BHA Q & A which can be found by clicking here