A wonderful review

Amy Reynolds and one of our nurses Rachel went out to Tilefield Equestrian last night to talk to the New Forest Hunts Pony Club about basic first aid and demonstrate a leg dissection, and what a wonderful message we received today:

“A massive thank you to Amy Reynolds and Rachel who came to Tilefield Equestrian this evening to do a leg dissection for the children at New Forest Hunts Pony Club. This went down absolutely brilliantly, even with children who were not expecting to be so fascinated. While Amy was busy with her scalpel, Rachel helped the children learn about bandaging and how to take heart rates. This pony (Teddy) stood patiently for his legs to be repeatedly bandaged, probably all at the same time, his feet poulticed and his heart rate taken. A huge thank you to The Barn for helping with this education and hugely enjoyable evening.”

We are so happy to hear that everyone enjoyed the evening, the photos say it all! (and how cute is Teddy?!) ?