The Barn Equine Surgery | Equine Castration Clinic 7th June 2017
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Equine Castration Clinic 7th June 2017

Do you have a Colt that needs Gelding? Then come and join us on the 7th June 2017 at The Barn Equine Veterinary Surgery for our Castration Clinic.

At The Barn Equine Surgery

Wednesday 7th June 2017

Fantastic value, most just £120+ VAT

Inclusive of the Gelding and all drugs

Free coffee and WIFI whilst you wait

Numbers Limited Р£60 deposit secures place

To book, please call 01202 823512 or email:

Both testes must be descended 

See here for our full Terms and Conditions.

For information on Post Castration Op Care, please read here: